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We understand no business nor its talent needs are the same, so we’ve defined our services into a suite of products to ensure we’re able to deliver an experience that’s just right for you.

We can help identify & engage key hires, assist in building out structured teams, or upskill your in-house talent capability by training them on talent acquisition research techniques, processes and strategies.

Acquired On-Demand™ – Primary, Priority, Premium

Our Contingent Recruitment offering is split into 3 delivery models; Primary, Priority & Premium, suitable for single mandates or many, we utilize our expertise, knowledge and global network to identify and engage the best Product & Design talent for your business, first seeking to identify what good looks like for you, and then conducting methodical research & personalized engagement to bring hard to find talent into your orbit whilst managing the process successfully throughout.

  • Primary: Contingent Recruitment - you only pay upon successful completion

  • Priority: Exclusive Contingent - we have an agreed period of exclusivity to complete the assignment

  • Premium: Secured Contingent - we manage the project exclusively with a 2-part fee structure, 20% up front & 80% upon completion

This product is only available for roles where salaries are between £40-125,000 Base


Acquired Executive™ - Retained Executive Search

Predominantly reserved for the most senior appointments, Acquired Talent have a 100% track record of executing retained search mandates for Director/VP/C-Level Product & Technology roles for companies of all shapes and sizes. We support clients with Country specific, Regional or International mandates conducting detailed and methodical identification, research and engagement processes to ensure we leave no stone unturned in the pursuit of the very best individuals.

*Fee's are defined on a project by project basis and are influenced by the scope of work and requirement for regional or international search criteria


Acquired Partner™ - RPO & Embedded

Our Partner service is similar to traditional RPO & Embedded models but with modern processes, technology and training. We can place any number of dedicated Recruiters into your team, either remotely or on site as an extension of your operations.


This not only provides a flexible resource during times of need, but also brings external knowledge and experience that can help improve your wider recruitment capability.


Acquired Growth™ - Talent & Recruitment Consulting

Given our extensive experience executing complex, international talent mandates, and working with some of Europe's best internal talent teams, we have a wealth of experience and knowledge that can help super charge your own in-house talent operations or up-skill your leadership team. All of the following services are highly tailored to suit individual client needs and we will work closely with you to define a bespoke program of work;

  • Talent Pipelining

  • Salary Benchmarking

  • In-House Talent & Recruitment Training

  • Product Management Training (via one of our experienced partners)

  • Executive Coaching (via one of our experienced partners)

  • Micro-Consulting

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